What I would expect from the Romanian left-wing

As established, Romania has only a wide array of right-wing political parties, focused on conservatorism, nationalism and with little interest on secularity. It would really be nice to see a true left-wing party that adheres to neo-socialism and liberal politics. What I'd like to see in a true left party:

  • gay rights support
  • legalisation of gay marriage
  • unequivocal split of the state from Church
  • relaxation of abortion laws
  • increased medical and psychological support in abortion clinics
  • consolidation of the public healthcare system
  • promote interculturalism
  • new foreign policy doctrine that forbids offshore military presence and emphasises participation in conflict areas in diplomatic capacity with a focus on conflict transformation and humanitarian aid
  • promote policies aimed at reducing gender discrimination and the discrimination of sexual minorities
What I would expect from the Romanian left-wing
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