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Welcome to the Ghost

The second rebirth.

After trying out Hexo I realized that having a statically generated blog can be taxing on the server.

Sure, publishing a blog via a cron job (or hook) pulling the posts from GIT and then generating static files that are server instantly (no server-side scripting, no databases, etc) is nifty, but once the number of posts grows, so does the time required to generate posts (especially when you edit some old ones) and general loading times start to match the Wordpress snail (when not using the W3 Total Cache).

Not to mention when you want to publish on-the-fly (don't forget to wait for regeneration!).

Take the Ghost for a walk

Ghost has some advantages:

  • it also uses NodeJS (but this time as a real server)
  • it can use real databases (like SQLite or MariaDB)
  • it has an admin from which you can publish (also works on mobile quite ok)
  • it uses Markdown to write posts (no clunky WYSIWYG editor, no complicated UI, just some writing conventions)

A friendly ghost

Some people see Ghost as the Wordpress-killer.

I doubt that, since Wordpress still has some advantages (especially given the number of plugins for stuff like image publishing). But it is a lot light and much more useful for people who simply want to throw some text around.

Welcome to the Ghost
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