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UX32VD - sell it or install Linux

Working towards having another laptop for heavy duty stuff (read: gaming, java algorithms compilation), I am considering whether to keep my current upgrade UX32VD (i7, 10Gb DDR3, 256Gb SSD) as a portable development rig under Linux.

Why I'm not currently sure? Because Asus Zenbooks aren't particularly friendly with Unix environments. Not long ago, the Linlap compatibility watchdog had a few items listed as Not Ok on the UX32VD page.

Some personal experiments have resulted into heavy tweaking necessary to make WiFi work under Linux Mint, while battery was running out fast under Ubuntu.

Recently, however, I rant into this nifty tutorial which, combined with the current Linlap listings, make me feel more confident about not selling this little gem. I would be just as willing to trade this ultraboo for another one without a discrete graphics card.

UX32VD - sell it or install Linux
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