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The problem with HTC

I like gadgets. Specifically, I like gadgets that work, connect and help you achieve your task without making you jump through hoops. In addition, I believe that gadgets should look reasonably nice and if they allow me to tinker and improve them myself, then it's all the better.

Gadgets that work and look nice sell. This are their primary points and the main reason Apple is successful. Their devices just work, they connect within the ecosystem and they look nice.

Google took a while to reach the same level of usefulness. Today it can do most of the same and some things even better. If you use your Google accounts, you get your settings, wifi passwords and so on transferred immediately to a new device. Changing devices becomes easy. It just works, it connects.

The looks side though it becomes the problem of the device maker which is a different entity.

And here comes HTC. Unlike all other phone makers, HTC focuses on customising its own software on top of Google's Android. Which is nice, but the working functionality is there already. HTC doesn't make slim phones (so far 9mm is the best it could do and still including a puny battery) while the rest swim in the 7mm lane. Its design is dated, still lingering around the successful M8 model - refusing to move on.

The problem with HTC
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