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Samsung Galaxy S5 disappointment

The launch of the new Samsung flagship phone, the Galaxy S5 has left many with a bitter taste and it begs a question: is Samsung trying to release as small an increment as possible to see how much the public can take before they stop jumping at the latest releases?

An article on Techradar seems to try to make an apology for Samsung's failure. Sure, perhaps part of the public was hoping for Samsung to rehash it's game changing launches that the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note2 were. However, for the most part, the public was hoping to see Samsung throw everything at its flagship. A 64-bit processor, a better body build, upping the resolution and so on, are not sci-fi things but technology that Samsung sems to be sitting on in an effort to squeeze its fans of every penny.

It's quite baffling to see Techradar push for 5 rather meaningless features.

  • the fingerprint sensor: it's not as awesome as every report except TEchradar's shows the frill to be inaccurate.
  • the heart rate monitor: it's not a monitor since it doesn't continuously monitor, rather it's a sensor and an inaccurate one at that. Pressing too lightly results in false readings.
  • camera: having 4k or HDR is not news, just about every other major flagship has it or has announced it while Samsung got beaten at the 4k game by Acer (of all rivals). Selective focus? The Galaxy S4 and Note2 have had it for a while.
  • waterproof design: meaningless in the wake of poor body build, also the S4 has the Active version which already offers it. Given the increasing number of waterproof certified phones, the S5 'feature' is hardly newsworthy.
  • power saving features: not really a Galaxy S5 feature as much as an Android feature. It's good but I would have preferred better battery.

What I would have liked to see:

  • metallic body
  • better screen resolution
  • bigger battery
  • radio! (most Samsung flagships have had radios, why was it removed now?)
  • optional: 64-bit CPU
Samsung Galaxy S5 disappointment
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