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I'm back to Nonviolent Communication, only to discover something else. It's interesting to see a book describe things that were there, deep inside, hidden in some sort of vault which is now opened by someone else's words.

Tonight there's the idea that relating to other people is absorbed by classifying and determining levels of wrongness in the world around. If someone around is more concerned about details then they may have OCD. If am I more concerned about details than they, it only means they are sloppy.

It's only a reflection of deeply ingrained needs that are reverted in those around. The way we analyse and judge others are only reflections of our own needs and unshared values. However, going about it in this way results in a level of defensiveness which shuts out any chance of receiving from others.

Language transformation of these projects is an important tool of expression. Rather than focusing on judgements which emphasise the negative one could for example stress the negated value.

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