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An Agility Test

Not too long ago I discovered this blog post by former colleague Cornel Fatulescu (Pentalog). Consequent to his firm belief in Agile values (one that I share), he published a set of questions that can serve as a good guideline for assessing a team's Agile inclinations. These questions (straightforward in nature) are there in Romanian and I will translate them here in English:

  • Can all team members easily answer these questions: where are we? what is left to do? what is in progress? what are our current obstacles?
  • Is the (development) team empowered so that it can alone decide how to deliver quality software? (decide on its whether or not to use TDD, pair programming, etc)
  • Can any team member suspend current activites as soon as an issue is discovered in order to solve it and ensure it will not recurr?
  • Are sarcasm, repression, verbal violence or any form of harassement immediately stopped and rejected by the team?
  • Can the team easily autoevaluate itself?
  • Are changes easily accepted and integrated by the team? (change requests, planning, prioritisation, etc)
  • Are the customers/final users currently involved in the development process (rather than just at times of planning, inspection and adaptation)
  • How fast do new functionalities reach production? (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc)
  • How often does the team meet in order to improve their work system (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc)
  • Are all team members acquainted with and have agreed to the Definition of Done? (it is respected without being imposed from the outside)

These are all important questions to ask the cover just about all the essentials. What does your team answer?

An Agility Test
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